Way of Life


We live monasticism following a prescribed pattern of life with a rhythm of prayer and work, in a place set apart to promote contemplative union with God.


Our primary apostolate is prayer. We witness to the primacy of God and to the priority of adoration of God.

We remain faithful to St. Paul of the Cross’ original inspiration to have the nuns share their contemplative way of life with others.

Our House of Prayer provides a place of solitude for those who with to enter into prayer.

"The cloister brings to mind that space in the heart where every
person is called to union with the Lord."

Vita Consecrata, St. John Paul II

"Let you soul spread its wings before the Tabernacle to receive the
rays of the sun of His love."
Mother Mary Hyacinth, CP, Foundress


We depend on Divine Providence for all we need, while working to glorify God and earn income to support ourselves.

We bake altar breads to support ourselves, supplying them to 80 churches and religious communities. We are grateful for this labor of love which is transformed into the Body of Christ. 

“If only everyone could see how beautiful it is to give one’s life so that others will have peace and joy.”

Mother Mary Teresa, CP, Co-Foundress


As a community, we are united as one heart and mind by our desire to keep alive the memory of Christ’s Passion.

We are a Pontifical Religious Institute. We live as a family, praying, working and recreating together.

“They shall reveal the light of Christ’s charity among themselves by loving one another…by being to one another a living witness to the Crucified…”

St. Paul of the Cross, Founder